All About Me

Here are some random useless details about me to get to know me better :)

Born and bred in Montreal, in an Italian family. I’ve now hit my thirties, living the single and happy life.

I’m an aspiring writer, amateur photographer, knitter and all-around crafter.

I have been known to sniff yarn.

I’ve studied a total of nine different languages in all my years as a student (some of which may or may not be considered dead). I only use about three of them now, and speak only one fluently.

I’m a huge geek! I love both board and video games, comic books, superhero movies and watching Space. I also watch ridiculous amounts of the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, History and Animal Planet. I also love BBC dramas and Britcoms.

I’m a big movie buff in general. My tastes range from the black and white oldies right up to the modern day plot-less summer blockbusters. What I don’t like are today’s stupid comedies and most chick flicks that don’t star Hugh Jackman.

I’m also a history buff and believe that I was meant to be born in the 1920’s.

I love all animals (alright, I have issues with the arachnid variety, but I respect them as awesome hunters), but am mostly a proud cat lover. There is no more honorable position than being the “chosen one” for a cat! I am also obsessed with Greyhounds and plan to rescue one when my circumstances will allow such a commitment.

I have my own little world with my own little voices and my own little dreams. One day, hopefully my psychoses will be published to share with the rest of the world and I will be viewed as a great story-teller instead of insane.

I love reading – my favorite store in the whole world is Chapters. My main reads tend to be classic lit. My greatest accomplishment was Anna Karenina, my biggest failure was Emma (I dislike Austen), and my absolute favorite is The Great Gatsby.

I love to travel and have had the opportunity to visit Italy, Germany and Japan. But above all, I have an unhealthy obsession with Ireland and dream constantly of going there one day soon.

I drink copious amounts of warm drinks. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate; it’s all fair game. My preference, however, is tea, ideally at a local tea room. Throw in some fresh baked goods, a good friend and some yarn, and I’m utterly content.

I dream of time and space.


2 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. I am new to knitting…this is how i came to your blog. Do you post pics of your projects?
    Would you be interested in making youtube tutorials? I live in a small town where no one knits!
    can you believe that? So I rely on searching the internet for knitting tutorials and simple, SIMPLE
    projects, like hats. So far I have made four hats: 2 on circular, 2 just flat w/seam. My dream is to knit socks, but i have yet to find a book or tutorial i understand. Just don’t get it. Do you have a suggestion for learning socks for an idiot??:) I don’t know why I want to knit socks. I love to read also, but sometimes can’t read much or long, because reading (as well as computer/&tv) too long can trigger headaches. thanks for sharing

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for all your kind words! They are very appreciated :) Now, as for socks, I can definitely understand your desire to learn how to make them, there’s something wonderful about putting on a handknit pair of socks! I was a little nervous when I first started making them, but once you get the hang of them they are actually remarkably simple. Do you know how to work with DPNs? This is a tutorial series on youtube that will give you the details:

      I find it’s very good, however there are places where I think she goes a little too complicated.

      There are also two needle patterns, where you knit the socks normally on two needles and then sew them together. I’m not familiar with these patterns since I’ve never tried, but if you’re curious I can send a pattern your way, I’m sure I can find something.

      Are you on Ravelry? If you are, there are plenty of patterns there that you can find that are free and very easy to follow (if you’re not, you really should join! It’s a great resource and if you want to see more of my projects, well, they’re all there ;) the site is if you haven’t heard of it).

      Unfortunately I am writing this on break at work and break’s almost up. I will continue looking around for good video tutorials on sock knitting and see if I can find something better. Let me know how that video tutorial is for you :)

      Good luck!

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