About ChopsticKnitter

This blog was originally started in an attempt to keep a record of my misadventures in various crafts and art forms. Though one of my favorite crafts is knitting, I enjoy many other things like crochet, painting and drawing, sewing, needle work (well, still working on that one…), and in particular, photography and writing. I figured a blog like this would be the perfect medium to showcase my forays into each of these. My biggest goal in life is to be an author and photographer on at the very least a semi-professional basis!

So if you’re interested in an Email subscription to my blog; well, I’m honoured. I’m sorry I may not be the most consistent in posting, so I thank you for your patience. I will post whenever I have arts and crafts to share, sadly I don’t always have things to share. But I will do my best!

I’m happy you dropped by and hope you will find some rest and relaxation with me. I like to take it easy in cute little coffee shops, sipping some fancy drink with a name I can’t pronounce, typing away on my laptop or just laughing it up with some good friends. So sit, stay a while, I’ll order whatever Unpronounceable Drink you like – it’s on me – and we’ll have a chat and hopefully some good laughs.

Carla Maria,
The ChopsticKnitter.


One thought on “About ChopsticKnitter

  1. WOW Carla Maria, I am totally impressed of your wonderful work. You are truly talented and gifted in many areas. Continue to use your craftiness….. Nicole

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