#LoveMTL #BringTheHeat!

Sadly I only just found out about this or I would have shared it much sooner. Love this campaign!

Espace Tricot Blog

mittens hat glove

This winter we are pleased to be participating in LoveMTL’s#BringTheHeat Campaign to help bring new socks, hats, mittens, and scarves to kids (ages 5-12) in need. We have installed a #BringTheHeat box in front of our cash area and hope that our customers will donate many of these items between now and December 31st. Purchased items are wonderful, items knitted with love – even better! Love Montreal aims to fill 20 boxes to be brought to the Welcome Hall Mission – an organization with an expertise in serving underresourced families in Montreal – at the end of the month. Several other Montreal merchants are participating in this initiative but we have confidence that our amazing customers will ensure that Espace Tricot is able to provide the most donations by December 31st!

How to #BringTheHeat

  1. Take a sticker
  2. Go buy (or knit) socks, a hat, mittens or a scarf for a 5-12 year old…

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