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Art Journal – Just a Peak

It’s been a while that I’ve been promising to share some pages out of my art journal. I kept avoiding it because I’m not fully confident in my mixed media work. I’ve gotten more comfortable with my style and have accumulated a good amount of work that I think I may be willing to share. For now, here are some of my favourites from recent months.

I’ve been art journaling for nearly four years now, and it’s only been in the last year that I’ve grown in my confidence as an artist. I took a few online workshops, with high praise going to the Art Journal Summer Camp workshop over at Journal Girl. I’ve only done one little mini mixed-media class locally which was scary for me at first since it was going so far out of my comfort zone. But now this weekend I get to do classes with Donna Downey herself and I am a gigantic ball of excitement and anxiety. Watching her videos was what first inspired me to work outside of a journal. I think a journal is comforting to work in when you’re not confident in your artwork because you can just close it and tuck it away on a shelf if you hate what you do. Though I do love flipping through a used a journal with pages that are crinkled up from an overload of pigments and collage, it’s not ideal if you actually want to put some favourite pieces out on display.




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