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Knitted Forestry

I have a couple more finished projects to share from the last couple months.

First up, we have the Elder Tree Shawl, which I made with the luxurious MadTosh Pashmina. The color is perfect for this pattern I think, as it is earthy and natural while bringing out the lovely lace. It’s an incredibly simple pattern too, great for beginner lace knitters.

Once again the color is difficult to capture. In that last picture, it came across with a much stronger red hue than in the other images. In reality, I would say it falls somewhere in between as a muted brown with a slightly red undertone. But then, MadTosh always seems to have rich colors with loads of depth.

More recently, I completed my version of the Danish Forests cowl which I mentioned in my previous post, made from this yummy stuff.

That’s about it for now. I can’t wait for warmer weather to be able to show these babies off. It is still painfully cold now and – I know this from experience – holey knits just doesn’t quite cut it.

Finally, allow me to leave you all with this phenomenal video that I just discovered in which Luca Agnani brings some of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings to life, literally. I can’t stop watching it.



I think a lot of artists identify with Van Gogh, both his work and his life. I know I always have (not that I see myself as an artist anywhere near such a level…). In that cliched question of the six notable people who I would like to dine with, Vincent is definitely ranked in the top.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I do think Vincent and the Doctor is the single most tearjerker in the history of Doctor Who.


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