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A New Year Post in February

Pay no attention to the date of my last post.

Yes, it has been a while, hasn’t it? I freely admit that I dropped the ball on posting, I lost a bit of motivation, some bad things happened, I fell in hate with my job, and perhaps most importantly in regards to this blog, I also stopped crafting. It was a pretty lousy year in general.

Thankfully, 2013 is now long-since over, and 2014 is well under way. Near the end of last year, I got myself back into the swing of things by completing most of the unfinished projects I had left sitting on the needles in storage. I’ve managed to complete a good amount of projects in the last couple of months, including a couple of Christmas presents and, as I like to put it, a few “selfish” knits that are just for me.

Close-up on the lace detailing
That’s Tanis Fiber Arts yarn, Silver Label Mulberry Silk. It’s dreamy.

I finished the Irish Eyelets Stole that I mentioned in a previous post (yes it did take me that long to finish it!), and that went out to my mum for Christmas. She was aware I was making it for her but so much time had passed that she had forgotten. You see, there is method behind my mad procrastination skills! It came out significantly smaller than I had originally anticipated, but it was my own fault for choosing such a finer weight yarn than the pattern called for.

I absolutely love the linen stitch for a more masculine scarf.
Yarn is Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK. I’ve only ever seen this yarn in Ottawa which is a shame because I thoroughly enjoyed working with it.

Above is the scarf I made for my dad, but with a terrible coloring. The color of this yarn is a very dark and elegant navy blue and despite numerous attempts to photograph it I still cannot get a proper depiction of the color. More importantly, the pattern is the Cerus Scarf which uses the linen stitch to create the illusion of a woven fabric. I find this stitch perfect for a more masculine scarf.

Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3-ply
Fleece Artist Woolie Silk 3-ply

Next up is a pair of cabled mittens I made for myself. They are the combination of two patterns and a decent amount of alterations on my part. The thumb came out too wide in relation to the body of the mitten, but they are still functional and pretty. They have inspired me to create my own cable pattern to be used for a pair of mittens that will fit better than these! I hope to do that this year, I’ve been meaning to try my hand at writing my own pattern, but never really found anything that inspired me to do my own designs. Cables, luckily enough, are highly inspiring to me. Especially since I’ve spent the better part of my younger years loving, and learning to draw, Celtic Knots.

I love cables. 

Some left over Knit Picks Galileo yarn was made into these awesome fingerless mitts.
Some left over Knit Picks Galileo yarn was made into these awesome fingerless mitts.

Above is an utterly geeky recreation of Rose Tyler’s fingerless mitts in the Doctor Who episode Doomsday, seen here somewhere behind all that running mascara (pattern used is here). Very happy with the way they came out but, since they were more of an experiment with surplus yarn, I will definitely be remaking them in a color that is more me. For now, my mother acquired these too and I haven’t seen them since. Hopefully they are being put to good use!

Did I mention how much I love cables?

As a final Christmas project, I was asked to make a hat based on Wonder Woman, because who doesn’t want a Wonder Woman hat? It was specifically inspired by Jim Lee’s redesign, seen here. And thanks to surplus yarn after finishing the hat, I also made a pair of matching fingerless mitts to go along with it. The recipient was happy and back to her crime-fighting day job in no time.

Not seen here are two detachable stars, one in white and one in red, which could be added to the hat to further show off the wearer's true Wonder.
Not seen here are two detachable stars, one in white and one in red, which could be added to the hat to further show off the wearer’s true Wonder.

The yellow yarn is the lovely Tosh Merino Light in the Chamomile colorway, while the blue is, unfortunately enough, a discontinued yarn I bought years ago called Cashlana from Fleece Artist. It is a heavenly Merino and Cashmere blend. I believe the current equivalent would go to Fleece Artist’s luxury label, Handmaiden Fine Yarn, called Casbah, which throws some Nylon into the blend.

You know what’s crazy? There’s still more! But I don’t have pictures ready for the other projects. I have yet another pair of fingerless mittens that ran out of yarn (there’s going to be a little bit of redesigning in order to get those done!), a beautiful lace shawl that I made purely for me, as well as a few experimental knits. I will share those soon (hopefully). 

Thanks for sticking with me!


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