Namaste Farms

I recently made an absolutely wonderful purchase of yarn that still, a few weeks later, causes me to secretly crawl into my yarn stash and gaze upon and snuggle into and even sniff this new yarn.

Well, okay, not really. But almost.

A while ago, I discovered this beautiful and inspiring Shepherdess, Natalie Redding from Namaste Farms. It’s impressive to watch her work as she does all, if not most, of the work herself when it comes to her animals. I spent a couple of weeks watching all of her videos, in which she shares her knowledge of fiber, animals, and the techniques she used in her own handspinning. After a bit of research, I was lucky enough to find among the last samples on her handspun from Yarn Market on discount as she has stopped spinning yarn commercially. There are still some more available there and I have to resist the urge of going back to buy the rest out!

Anyway, I took some pictures after the yarn package arrive so here are the results. My pride and joy of my yarn stash!

The two larger ones, the light blue and dark purple (which didn’t photograph well, it’s a much deeper purple than how it’s portrayed in the pictures), are her Wensleydale Long Locks. The two smaller and light purple(ish) ones are her Ohm Kid Mohair. They are all so soft and rich, and on top of it all, they smell fantastic as all of her yarns were soaked in a custom scented Aveda oil. I’m overly sensitive to harsh fragrances and I thought I’d be tempted to wash it out but instead it’s incredibly refreshing and gentle. It’s also spread to the rest of the yarn in my stash despite being carefully sealed so now I get to enjoy a whiff of that every time I open the box of yarn (which, as a result, has been about once a day).

The only downside is because of the limited stock I didn’t have much choice in colors. For yarns like this I would have preferred a more natural coloring, despite the lovely saturated colors she dyes with. So between the colors and the texture of the yarn, I have no idea what project I can make with it. But to be honest I don’t even care. If it weren’t for my yarn-massacring cat, I’d probably the hang the skeins up as art because they’re just that gorgeous. I hope one day I can buy some of her fiber and spin it myself.

So, that’s it. That was my shameless plug to a woman I’ve never met. I’m sharing information (that is hopefully accurate!) that I’ve gathered just by poking through her website and watching her videos. I hope I haven’t misrepresented her.


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