Holden KAL

I am insanely pleased to present to you… drum roll… my Holden Shawlette!

That’s some rather fancy Tanis yarn there you know.

To date, this is my most complicated lace pattern… and yes, anyone familiar with this pattern will say “Complicated? The Holden!???”. Yes, I know it’s not a complicated one, in fact it’s marked as a good beginner lace pattern but for me it took some effort! There is one row where there is a noticeable mistake, I was off by one stitch and instead of backtracking to find the mistake like I had done on (many) previous rows, I just kept going. Of course now I regret that because I see the mistake row quite clearly, on one side of that row all the eyelets are just a little bit off, but I figure most people wont notice it so I suppose it’s not that big a deal.

These are not the eyelets you’re looking for.

This project was a Knit-Along with Espace Tricot, my personal favorite yarn store in Montreal filled with lovely people that are always willing to lend a helping hand for all your fibery needs. And it being my first Knit-Along, I feel kinda impressed that I managed to complete it on time since I’m a horrible procrastinator and always avoided KALs for that very reason!

I may need to buy fancier clothes if I want to wear this in public!

I’ve had issues trying to photograph this yarn right from the very beginning. I tried all sorts of light from all sorts of angles with all sorts of post-processing. It either comes out too dark blue, too turquoise green, or just completely washed out. Yesterday I cleared the kitchen for a photoshoot and tried to get the best representation of the color.

This was taken before it was blocked, so disregard the scrunchiness of the fabric.
Scrunchy but pretty.

I honestly can’t even tell if those are accurate portrayals either, I’ve spent too much time staring at these pictures this weekend so I’ll just let it go! I will, however, give a shout-out to Tanis Fiber Arts for the lovely – if slightly unphotogenic – yarn. The colorway is Mallard, and it was the Silver Label Mulberry Silk. Gorgeous stuff. And I was gifted two skeins of it so I’m currently working on the Irish Eyelets project with the second skein.

This was about 50 rows in.

I’ve gotten more of it done since then, I think I’m just over 100 rows (out of approximately 350? Ouf) but I work on it on and off since it requires quite a bit of focus. For the mindless knitting I prefer, I started some plain looking socks with another gifted yarn.

My first toe-up sock with… corn… fiber? 

The beginning of this sock involved a little bit of acrobatics as it was my first toe-up, but it’s been smooth sailing from there since the rest of it is more or less what I’ve already done before. The yarn is… interesting. It’s 82% Corn Fiber, with the rest being Nylon. It feels rather strange to knit with, it’s not particularly soft and gets a little squeaky on the needles, but the fabric it produces is remarkably soft and comfortable. Again, since this picture was taken I’ve gotten much more worked up. I’ve completed the foot and am just knitting through the leg until I run out of yarn. It’s wonderful to try it on as I go so I’m enjoying the toe up quite a bit more than cuff-down. My next pair of socks I think will be to try knitting two in one (ugh which means I also have to figure out the Magic Loop doesn’t it?) since I tend to hit a pretty severe Second Sock Syndrome whenever I finish one sock.


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