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Twisty Acquisitions

I wanted to quickly share my acquisitions from TWIST (yup, a third post about it, pretty impressive, huh?), I’m quite proud of the restraint I showed in light of all the lovely things available there.

For starters, I’m especially pleased with the one tool I went home with, an Ashford drop spindle.

I’ve wanted one of these for a while now!

This is the 3 3/4 inch (80g) top whorl spindle, and I love working with it. It’s especially perfect for plying, which I tried first, but it’s also fun to just spin on it regularly, which I’m currently doing. Unfortunately once the yarn starts piling up on it, it does become more difficult to work with and inevitably the yarn gets thicker to compensate for the extra weight.

I do love that little logo!

I’ll share the handspun I’m  working on in a future post, but I’m currently using it to learn the fantastic ply-on-the-fly technique, allowing me to spin and ply in all in one! Here’s a demonstration of the technique:

My other shinning moment of TWIST came in the skein of Qiviut Queen Superwash Merino by Cottage Craft Angora Mill.

That’s 70% Merino, 10% Silk, 10% Cashmere, 10% Qiviut.

Gosh that stuff is gorgeous. I don’t know how I’ll find a project for that yarn, I’d be afraid of making something that I wont be happy with! Qivuit is stupidly expensive (for good reason, mind you), so there’s only a small amount of it in that skein. But the raw stuff is just so soft and fluffy it feels like a cloud in your hands (yes, that’s utterly cliched, but I’m sorry, it’s true).

Go ahead, stroke it!

Anyway, moving right along, I also found bamboo. I’ve been meaning to try out some bamboo for quite some time, and the lovely people at Dye-Version chatted with me about Doctor Who so how could I resist supporting their business?

I had to force myself not to get something in blues or greens.

I was also happy to see that their skeins came with a scarf pattern so that I at least have a pattern to use it with.

Another needed purchase was in the form of stitch markers from Fancy That ~ Creations by Francine.

Look at the cute little owl!

These have already been added to my current project, the Holden Shawlette, a Knit-A-Long with the local yarn store here, Espace Tricot (an absolutely wonderful store that everyone should go to if you’re in the area!). These cute markers are definitely classing up my project, so I’m very pleased with these guys.

The final buy was some fiber from TurtlePurl.

Tussah Silk & Ontario Alpaca
Superwash Merino

These two are added to the other rovings I had bought from TurtlePurl duing my previous trip to Ottawa.

Shetland & BFL

So that’s it. That’s the final TWIST post, I promise. I just wanted to plug all these lovely vendors I met. There were many wonderful people there but since these guys were good enough to take my money, I thought I would tell you all to go give them your money too!


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