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Twist Fiber Festival

Last weekend I was lucky enough to join a group of the equally fiber-obsessed on a road trip to Saint-Andre-Avellin, Quebec for the TWIST Fiber Festival.


The main entrance


It was a deceptively small festival, with the likes of the Yarn Harlot herself holding some seminars and a satisfactory list of vendors. It also marked my first Fiber Festival, so I was looking forward to it!

Unfortunately the week leading up to it was long and didn’t give me room for much rest so by the time our road trip started I was ready to crawl right back into bed.

The weekend started with tintinael on Friday night. For ease of the Saturday morning pick ups, we decided she could stay with me. We stocked up on groceries for the night, she wrote up a blog post while I cleaned, we bashed hipsters, and she gave me some handdyed fibery stuffs for my birthday along with her first pair of knitted socks (which I’m forbidden from sharing in great detail but you can still catch a glimpse of them if you like).

The next morning, to prepare for a day of fluff overload, we had a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and Bocconcini (not necessarily together…), more hipster bashing, and NOS… Lots of NOS (okay that was just me). Starweaving and friend showed up bright  eyed and bushy tailed, and we were off; me in a semi-vegetative headachey state, and the cheerful tintinael with her inkle loom.


Tintinael working away on her inkle loom

We of course stopped at Tim Horton’s along the way for coffee as that is the Canadian Road Trip Primary Rule.

From my place, our destination was only about an hour and a half away. The whole ride was quick and painless, until we came to a ferry. This was utterly unexpected and a completely unwelcomed surprise to at least 50% of the car’s current inhabitants. Nevertheless, due to peer-pressure (ok, not really) and the fear of missing out on all the fluff, we nervously rolled onto the tiny little ferry with about 4 other vehicles that were completely unphased by this unexpected boat ride.


Why does the ferry have a fire bucket?

This dog was completely unphased by the boat ride.

Despite the alarming turn of events, and despite the fact that our GPS was warning us of “unpaved roads” yet had no qualms of telling us to “turn left” off the ferry and into the water, we made it safely to our destination and hastily broke off into two giddy little groups.


I was alarmingly close to leaving with a spinning wheel

Tintinael and I immediately made a rule of first doing the rounds of all vendors and only then doing a second round for purchases. This quickly went down the drain (I blame her!), my first temptation came in the guise of quiviut. After that it was a quick descent into solitary cash-less bliss as even we split up into our own personal quests for fiber happiness. I picked up some stitch markers, something I’ve been meaning to get for a while. A large Ashford spindle from a sour looking woman (no offense, just… smile next time!). A couple of silk rovings; one merino silk and the other tussah silk and Ontario Alpaca (always buy local!). My personal favorite though was the bamboo silk I picked up from a trio of vendors who took one look at my Doctor Who shirt and chatted up a storm in which we debated our favorite Doctor (I threw my vote in for Matt Smith). I’ll include pictures of all of these, along with other current projects and acquisitions, on a future post.


For now, however, here’s a group of spindles

My exhaustion, and lack of cash, kicked in at this point. We spent quite a shameful amount of time oggling the two month old llama and the Yarn Harlot who kept walking by where we lounged.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. 

Tintinael and I spent quite a bit of time during the above mentioned lounging doing fibery things. I hadn’t brought any projects with me since I wanted all the space in my bag for my purchased stuff, so she was kind enough to allow me to knit a few rows of her socks.


I love that stitch marker… and those needles… and the yarn… hmmm….

And while I knit, she spun.


She makes this stuff look easy

We eventually regrouped for dinner with some of Starweaving’s friends at a restaurant that quite possibly served the best burger I’ve ever had (I’m beginning to realize I say that a lot…), and then after supper we started the long ride back home.


All in all it was a very pleasing trip

More pictures to come as we also spent quite a bit of time in the weaving demonstration room, in which my cohorts went loom crazy and I went photo crazy.