And then the Wheel.

As promised in my last post, I returned to show off some more pictures from my spinning wheel trial.

If I’m not mistaken, the charming little lady I was learning with is a double treadle Lendrum, and if I am mistaken, I’m sure someone out there will correct me. It was really wonderful to work with, and it may seem silly but I particularly enjoyed the sound of the wheel spinning. There was something very meditative about it, or at least I imagine it could be should I ever be able to wheel spin without feeling the stress of drafting too slow.

Compared to the spindle, the whole thing worked so fast that I often felt like I wasn’t in control. Of course I spent all of an hour on it, so I’m sure with practice I won’t have that problem any more. My completed single looked a little sad to me, I’m used to my singles coming out much more twisty and energized than what I had on the bobbin.

But once I was done plying, I was pretty satisfied with the finished results. It’s still a rather inconsistent yarn, but not nearly as sad as I had first thought it was. For a first time wheel spun yarn, I think it’s not half bad.

So that’s it for tonight. Everything you’ve seen from these last two spinning-centric posts has been yarn created with a natural corriedale top from Louet North America. It was easy to spin up but become awfully monotonous after a while. I was eager for some color. Unfortunately I still have a large chunk of the corriedale left to spin up, but in the meantime, I had to take a break and buy some beautiful dyed Blue Face Leicester from Sweet Georgia. I don’t have any pictures of what I’m currently working on, but I do have my friend’s lovely skein she spun up in preparation for our last spinning class.

I’m so in love with the way the yellow mixes with the purple! For more samples of her work, check out her blog. I promise, next post will have more color!


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