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Back in October 2010 my oldest and dearest friend got married. It was difficult to get to the ceremony for me, it was a hard time and I couldn’t afford the trip down on my own. But thanks to the generosity of another good friend, I made it to celebrate with her the most important day in her life.

This is a post I’ve spent far too much time agonizing over, which is why I didn’t post this sooner. There was so much I wanted to say, so many memories to share and so many feelings to express. But every time I tried to compose a proper post I would end up deleting it, feeling that such personal information is inappropriate for such a public forum. Instead I only want to share some of my favorite pictures from the day.

The only thing I will say is that Jen is by far the most influential person in my life. When we were children she taught me many things, but one of the most important lessons was to just be myself. She moved away when we were 12 or so, and I forgot a lot of what she taught me since then. But watching her walk down the aisle, staring into the eyes of the man she loves, somehow I was reminded of everything again. I watched her laugh and saw the same 12 year old girl that had moved away all those years ago now grown up. Yet the same life lessons she lived by at 12 are still within her as a grown woman. She lives by no one else’s rules. She follows her heart. She is utterly beautiful, inside and out. I can’t imagine a childhood without her, and though as adults we live far apart, there is something within us that keeps us together. Somehow, whenever we get together again, we revert to being 12. I pray that never changes.

Girl, you are awesome. Don’t ever change. Everyone should have a friend like you at one point or another in their lives. I just happened to be blessed with the very best. I love you, I miss you and wish you and Kevin nothing but happiness.


2 thoughts on “Jen

    1. Thank you! That one is definitely my favorite :) I was wrestling with the camera quite a bit while she was talking to someone else to get that shot. I knew what I wanted and for once was able to get it :)

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