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Asphyxiated Donkeys Need Love Too

For the past four days I’ve been sounding like an asphyxiated donkey.

But let me rewind a bit before I get to that.

For starters, so much for my personal post-a-week challenge. I got as far as the first full week, I’m so proud of myself.

In my defense, since that time my life has taken a drastic change. January 3rd I was offered a temporary contract for an almost-dream-job, and my life has suddenly been pretty much monopolized (in a good way) since then. I love it, and I am happy.

However, with the start of week three, after doing a full week of major overtime, I found myself getting sick. I trudged to work, feeling determined and proud. “I wont let a few minor cold symptoms [cough/congestion/nausea/lightheadedness/shortness of breath] stop me!” I thought to myself (I did go fully prepared at least; hand-sanitizers, anti-bacterial stuff, tissues, cough drops and cough syrup, etc).

Well, this didn’t go over too well for me. By the end of that first day I practically killed myself racing for the last train home, I had never experienced such severe shortness of breath. I took the following day off and went back the third day feeling much better. Once again, by the end of the day I could hardly catch my breath.

Though it wasn’t until I lay down that night that I realized more was wrong than just a bad cold. I spent the entire night coughing, wheezing and struggling to breathe. Let’s be honest, I was scared. Scared enough to hazard the notion of rushing to the hospital. This didn’t happen because whatever lucid thoughts I had that night were interrupted by moments of blissful unconsciousness until the next can’t breath! moment came along.

That morning I went to the clinic and after spending most of the morning hyper-ventilating (not helped by my own Doctor-induced anxiety and from the fear of a worst-case-scenario-diagnosis), I was finally looked at and told that after suffering from a mild throat infection, I ended up with asthma.

So I am now asthmatic, I suppose I always have been just the symptoms only showed up now. It is a new and interesting development for me, but one I would have preferred not experiencing. It’s weird how something you never even think about, like breathing, can become all you think about overnight.

My nightstand is cluttered with evidence of sickness

The past four days have been difficult where the symptoms were at their worst (but were luckily also being treated at the same time, I’m glad I didn’t delay in seeing a Doctor like I tend to do when something strange starts up). I had no energy for anything and slept most of the time, spent anywhere between one to four hours awake in a bit of a daze, then returned to bed. Stairs had to be taken one a time and every move I made, even the simplest, often sent me into a coughing fit struggling to get air into me. Even conversation has been nearly impossible for me.

This is where the asphyxiated donkey sounds come in. Every time it got bad, I made weird sounds that best could be described as braying. Believe me, it was highly attractive.

I’m far from good now, but I am better and am hoping that for tomorrow (yay for Mondays!) I will be able to survive a full day at work again, even if I have to go at everything a little slower than I’m used to.

I am particularly hoping that I will make none of the aforementioned braying sounds in public.


6 thoughts on “Asphyxiated Donkeys Need Love Too

  1. I hope you survived the day at work!! Let me know how it went!
    And I see you got a little asthma spray there as well. That should help, ne?
    Get better soon >_<

  2. Eep. I hope that the ‘can’t breathe!’ moments are fewer and far between now. Or, you know, past :S Hope that work went okay and that you are/will feel better soon! *hugs*

    1. Yup at least the “can’t breathe!” moments are definitely fewer now. Unfortunately the cough has only gotten worse, to the point where I’ll be returning to the clinic tomorrow. I’ve missed way too much of work already and I just want things to go back to normal :(

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