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New Year? Humbug!

Just when I had finally gotten used to writing 2010, they go and change it on me.

So it’s a brand new year, filled with either hopes and possibilities or fears and failures depending on whether you’re a half-full or half-empty kind of person. To each his own.

Me, I’m not much of a New Year fan. Maybe it’s the traumatic memories of yesteryear that resurface everytime I see the ball drop (oh the woes of childhood!). Or maybe I’m just a boring prude that doesn’t get the point of celebrating for a mere 10 seconds that then force us to sing strange songs and buy new calendars with pictures of baby animals (how appalling). In truth it’s a little of both, probably more of the later than I’d like to admit, but shhhh, let’s keep that a secret between us. Nevertheless, I usually find my own way to ring in the New Year. This year there was a marathon of Deadly Women on the Investigation Discovery channel (I suppose in hindsight that was a bit on the morbid side…).

Then after all that there’s the whole Resolutions thing. Now, don’t me wrong, I love seeing people light up when they excitedly talk about their plans to quit smoking and Facebook, start eating right and finally use that gym membership card, finish a New York Times crossword puzzle and reply to Emails on a timely basis (that last one is my biggest problem!). I just find it sort of silly that we feel the need to better ourselves for the first couple of weeks each year, then when we don’t follow through with the promises we made we beat ourselves up for the rest of the year. The pattern then repeats itself all over again when the next ‘Happy New Year!’ is shouted out in unison with friends and family and drink in hand. Rinse and repeat, ad nauseam.

I just don’t get this excitement around the New Year.

Why do we have to wait for an official New Year? And why do we always reach for such large, unattainable goals that often overwhelm us? Why can’t we simply wake up every single day with the notion of setting small goals to accomplish throughout the day? Just take it day by day. Be greatful for each new day that offers you the opportunity to set a goal and achieve it. Instead of being on a 365 day cycle, you are only on a 24 hour cycle. This way, you have no excuse for failure because every morning is another chance for a Resolution.

To paraphrase both Yoda and Cesar Millan; don’t just try, do it.

Alright, so I suppose that in itself is a sort of New Year Resolution and I’ve just talked myself in circles. So, to continue my self-contradiction, I’d like to be more consistent with my posting here. At first I thought I’d go for a post a day, but I don’t have enough witticisms for that. Instead, I’ll aim for a post a week. I’d like to look at each day with the possibility of creating something, be it in writing, photography, or just in my personal art journal. Hopefully that will translate into a realistic goal of a post a week here.

So, Happy New Year to all! May 2011 bring you what 2010 forgot.


3 thoughts on “New Year? Humbug!

  1. I do hope the new year will bring possibilities and good things instead of failure and the likes…
    Not sure if I believe it will, but I do hope so…
    But because everything always goes exactly how you described it, I didn’t have any New Year’s resolutions this year. They never last anyways.
    I do however have some resolutions about things I’d like to change, but these have been made (taken? decided on?) a few weeks ago already and have nothing to do with the new year. Because as you said, we should try to achieve things even outside of the holiday season..

  2. Ha, you’re dead on the resolutions. I too am guilty of that. However, I think this time it might be for good. But one can only hope. Maybe this can help as a reminder that resolutions are to be kept and not just to make a list at the beginning of the year.

    Oh well, only time will tell…


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