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Obladi, Oblada

Sometimes you have those days where you have to repeat the story of your failures over and over again to friends, family and strangers alike. It’s okay, don’t get me wrong, I know people care. But it can be difficult on me. I keep thinking how much I enjoyed my time in Ottawa, how much I loved the city and how much I felt at home there more than I ever did here in Montreal. But, failures aside, our favorite boys once so eloquently sang life goes on, and indeed it does.

That being said, I decided to spend some time going through pictures I haven’t shared yet. Going through my photos always helps getting my mind off things. So here are a few shots from these past few months that made me happy.

The first was a random shoot I took on my original solo-trip to Ottawa back in the Spring, clearly I went a little stir-crazy on it in Photoshop. The next two are both of  Bubble Tea; the first was taken at my favorite joint here in Montreal, the second taken in Ottawa when I tried – and failed – to find an equally awesome bubble tea place to satisfy my bubble-cravings. The last picture was taken in downtown Ottawa, going for a different effect in this one. In all of these, I was once again trying to capture something of the lomography feel in my post-processing.

On a personal note, happy birthday Nonno. Life does goes on, but I wish you were still here to go on with it. I miss your encouragement, your laugh and you warmth. Love you always.


One thought on “Obladi, Oblada

  1. Awesome images, love the lomo look, and the 1st Ottawa landscape looks great also, would love to see your ps steps next time I’m over. (which incidentally will be tomorrow! :)

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