ottawa · photography

Changing of the Guard

Performed daily from June to August the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place at Parliament Hill from 10 to 10:30am. I didn’t catch the whole thing (so I admit it, I get bored when I’m stuck standing in the hot sun amidst a crowd of sweaty strangers. So not my thing.), but I was able to get a few shots in while checking it out on a recent Saturday morning.

Afterwards, I also went to the National War Memorial where I took some more pictures. It is one of my favorite places to go when I’m in the city and looking for a relatively quiet place to go to when I need some time to myself. There are some nice shady benches (unfortunately there are also some shady characters in the area!) where I can sit, or I can go over to see the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Despite it’s location in the downtown core, it is a peaceful place filled with the haunting reminder of the young men that gave up their lives so that I could live the life I lead now. Makes all my problems seem to fall just slightly into the realm of frivolity whenever I’m there. I like that feeling, it puts things into perspective when I need a reality check.


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