The Proverbial “Late Twenties”

I thought it was a harrowing sign when I hit 25 and a friend commented that I was a quarter of a century year old. Wow. But now at 27 I have officially hit that vague and mysterious thing known only as the late twenties.

Am I suddenly supposed to feel different? Dress in a certain way that is more becoming my age? Should I stop my childish pursuits of fairy tales and imagination? My answers: Probably not, maybe just a little, and never!

1920 French Postcard
There is nothing as alluring as a woman in the 1920's

So here’s to the women in their late twenties! To those who may still be trying to figure out what that means, to those who know exactly what it means, but most importantly, to those who have been in their late twenties for so many birthdays they’ve lost count. I’m with you, I like 27. I think I’ll stick to it for a few more years.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

~Satchel Paige


2 thoughts on “The Proverbial “Late Twenties”

  1. Yup, I think I’d stick with that as well! I don’t know why we should feel or behave more adult. A very wise Anime character once said “The best way to live a full life is to be a child, no matter what your age is.”
    I like that motto, because I find it very true. I am the happiest when I can just let lose, behave like a totally imature idiot and don’t have to act all grown-up. And it’s good to be happy, no?

    (Besides, I have been told by numerous patients: “You can’t be a doctor, can you? You’re way too young to be one!”)

    1. Hehehe yeah I totally agree. You may have to grow old, but I certainly don’t need to grow up *beams*

      Aww you get mistaken for being younger too! I get that too. It’s been a few years that people say I look 19/20… which is getting more and more ridiculous as I get closer to the age where that will be a whole 10 years difference ^^;;;

      (also yes, I realize I owe you an email… I haven’t been writing emails at all lately, too much effort >.>)

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