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Of Greys and Artists

Saturday started off bad but ended wonderfully after getting the chance to meet my first Greyhound. She was so calm and beautiful and graceful that she just took my breath away from the moment I first laid eyes on her.
For those unfamiliar with the plight of the Greyhounds, I would encourage you to look into it. It’s not what it used to be, but it’s still a concern. Not enough people are aware of this wonderful breed, yet they should be familiar to us all as their silhouettes adorn the sides of buses (and guess what breed Santa’s Little Helper is!) Greyhounds have a wonderful temperament, they have their little spurts of energy, and then sleep for hours. If you’re thinking about getting a dog, look into Greyhounds to see if they’re the breed for you. Hundreds of them need to be rescued once they’re no longer needed on the race track and are in dire need of a loving forever home.
One of my personal groups is Greyhound Relocation and Adoption Canada, they have great information if you visit their forum. There is also Greyhound Rescue Quebec. In Ottawa, I only know of the Adopt-A-Greyhound group which is the group at the meet-and-greet yesterday.
Alright, enough of that.
Sunday was an all around far better day. D and I had plans to go to theRavenswing DIY Fair together, so we drove in, walked a lot, and mingled with indie artists and crafters. In an attempt to encourage business for local artists, here were a few of our personal favorite jewelry booths:

Maiden Star

mabel & jules (from Montreal!!)

urbanite jewelry

There were more, but these were the only ones with websites.

Afterwards it was a quick stop over at the Market where she showed me an Italian “fine food shop” La Bottega, a tea shop, and of course were assaulted by smells of fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Al around, it was a good day in the city. I got my photo ID and bus pass for June, so starting Tuesday I can finally explore to my heart’s content. Tomorrow; however, a rest is needed as my feet are covered in blisters.


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