Stepford Wives, Eat Your Hearts Out

Having spent more time wandering around through the streets of my new community, I am once again blown away by the friendliness of the residents here. People mowing their lawns feel the need to greet me as soon as I pass by on my daily walk around the neighborhood.

It’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, but it’s become a little too Stepford Wives around here for me.

Join us

As weird as it is to me, it’s all incredibly refreshing. At the very least I get a courteous nod of acknowledgement when I cross paths with someone, followed by the occasional quick “morning”. On the first day I had one hand tightly secured around my pepper spray, while the other was poised expectantly over the emergency button on my cell phone. Now, after only four days, I’ve found myself instigating the transactions. In fact, just yesterday I struck up a conversation with a woman knitting a sock at the train station while waiting for a friend to arrive.

The highlight for me was when one of the bus drivers of my usual route recognized me from that morning and let me on for free. And I used to be thrilled when I’d see the drivers back home step out of the bus for a smoke while passengers sneaked on without paying.

I don’t know, it might be silly, but I like it out here away from the city center. I have the opportunity to pass through endless fields on my way to civilization and I just love watching all that green roll by. Here I was thinking that I would want to be closer to the city, but I’m getting more and more enamored with rural life.

Now all they need is a more direct bus route into the city from here. I am a little tired of having to make 1 or 2 bus transfers whenever I am in the mood for proper civilization.


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