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Heat Wave in the Capital

I am happy to report that my first few days here in Ottawa have been mostly productive. Between the heat, my exhaustion and of course the expected nervousness, it’s difficult for me to get settled. But the first couple of days I braved the heat, explored the community I’m living in and even found a few places nearby that were hiring for the summer. All within a ten minute walk from home.

“Home”. That’s a weird word to use. It’s certainly not permanent, but for now what else can I call it? I am eager to get out on my own (I’ll feel more freedom once June rolls around and I can start using the monthly bus pass to get around the city), to explore, to make a life for myself. There is something about this city that makes me feel more confident and comfortable. I’ve always wanted to live in a small town, and though the capital city is a far cry from “small town”, it still carries that atmosphere that I’ve been craving for most of my life. People here are mostly obscenely friendly and it makes me feel great, I am constantly running into people willing to strike up a conversation. I have to say, my spirit agrees with this place. I miss home, the comforts of home, friends, family and my cat (oh, how I miss having an animal in my life!), but I feel different here, like it’s the beginning of something. In Montreal I couldn’t even fathom setting out on my own, but here I feel that anything’s possible.

Well, my first day involved discovering a gravel path that curves around behind some houses in the area. Through the trees I could see glimpses of what I believe is Mosquito Creek (according to my Packet Street Atlas of Ottawa, that is!). In this kind of heat, a repose in such a shady area was incredibly.  Here are the better shots from that discovery.


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